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In Memory

Arend Harteveld, PA1ARE SK

Arend died at the age of 50 years on Sunday 7 September 2008

His interests and knowledge can be found on this website made by him


73’s Jaap van Duin, PA7DA


My name is Arend Harteveld. I am 45 years old and a HAM since 1994. I started the hobby when I was 12 years old and enjoyed making all kinds of electronic circuits. Later I studied electronical engineering and became a professional engineer. For 15 years I was involved in the development of measurement equipment for the fibre optics industry. Nowadays I spent my time as a computer and hardware engineer at the Delft University of Technology.  My main interests are Solar physics, almost everything about Antennas, Propagation and Computer Programming (mainly Delphi) .

From time to time I also enjoy receiving weather satellite pictures from the NOAA orbiting sats and study HF propagation using Chirpsounders. I am mostly active on HF in PSK31. But I also enjoy quietly listening to all the nutcases on the bands. As a member of the PI4LDN/Lighthouse  crew I helped activating the Noordwijk Lighthouse each August during the International Lighthouse and Lightship weekend.

I am a member of the Dutch Amateur radio society VERON and of the Benelux QRP club.