Software Page

Mixer is a program to set and restore the settings of the soundcard.
You can use it in two different ways... First you can use in the windows mode, where you have a visible mixer. You can store and retrieve the soundcard settings suitable for a certain application. If you use Mixer in a batch file just specify the label of the settings you want to restore.... Mixer will start (invisible) set the appropriate settings and then exits.

Example :

mixer.exe RTTYprog    (RTTYprog is a settings label)
RTTYprog.exe             (run the application)
mixer.exe Reset            (Reset is an other label) 

To download MIXER please contact PA7DA


is a Win95/98/NT/XP/Win7 program to help listeners to
identify the beacon stations of the NCDXF/IARU beacon network. The program displays a flashing dot at the location of the beacon that is currently transmitting. Thecall sign of the beacon, as well as the QTH is shown in the status bar. Select the band by clicking the appropriate TAB control. You don't have to specify your offset between your local time and UTC. The blue colored shade indicates the night side of the earth, while the darker shaded area indicates the region where the ionophere is no longer struck by sunlight (the virtual height of the ionosphere is set to 300 km) Both regions may give some insight in propagation and changes in propagation during sunrise or sunset.Change settings by right clicking the map..

Installation :

simply unzip the ZIP file into the directory of your choice and run the exe file from there (set the current working directory to the directory where the program resides) To remove Beaconmap just throw away the directory. Beaconmap does not create keys in the Window Registry nor does it use an .INI file. You don't have to set the offset between your local time and UTC (Beaconmap works with UTC time) Just make sure you have selected the correct time zone in your Windows setup. Also make sure to set your system Clock to within a second of  "real time"  Have a look at these freeware utilities to get the exact time from the Internet.

Download Beaconmap please contact PA7DA